Trust me the process was not tough but I was not aware of different ways of getting job.

Date: 17-Dec-2010


I really had a tough time in final year. All my friends were placed in a good company. Good colleges have Campus visit where students get the opportunity to show their talents and most of them got jobs in their dream company. Although I was a hard working student in my class but because my college was an average institution, hardly there was any focus on placing the students.

If there was something really important it was attendance and some stupid formalities. In my final semester there was so much of load because it was the end of the graduation. Lots of expectations were there not only in terms of getting a good job but also in terms of completing the degree with great percentage.

Nothing could be done that time, accept preparing for final examination because you are eligible for good job only when you are BE graduate with good percentage.

It was really tough to breathe sometimes when your family members start giving you examples of people around you who are themselves surprised of their success.Having a good degree with no job in hand was simply giving the example of good for nothing.

Time was simply passing with nothing great and the more you sit idle, the tougher it’s becoming for you to get a good job because the first question you will always have to face is that what you have been doing for such a long time.

I have used all the methods of finding job for me. Good newspapers as well as good job websites have now became useless for me because I have already used them more than their efficiency. Whole day passes just by logging on and off my system with a hope that may be i might have got any call from somewhere.

People around me have suddenly started caring about me and started suggesting me what I need to do?

I have been given lots of advices to study this and that and etc etc.... 

8 months passed like this and I started losing patience. Talking to my good friends who were placed in big multinational companies has itself become a big deal because for me they all have now become great personalities.

After few days one of my friend told me that there are some companies who really give preference to your academic background and I should at least give a try and should apply for that but I was actually unaware about the process of applying for jobs. I was simply waiting for call on the basis of uploading my resume in some good job websites but the moment you have uploaded your profile in few job portals you can do nothing but to wait for a call.

I gave some more tries; I applied for some good companies with a different process and just forgot about it. 

After a week’s time while just checking my mails, I got a new mail with a title “job offer”.

I just open the mail and the mail was written with the starting words as “please to inform...” and i simply jumped and without reading the mail just closed my eyes for a while. Few days before only I have appeared in an exam with 1500 more students and because the paper was tough, I didn’t even inform anyone about my exam.

 Trust me the process was not tough but I was not aware of different ways of getting job.

 Thankfully it was the day and today I have completed three years more in the same organisation.

 When I look back, I really feel it that getting good job is not that tough but taking right step at right time and awareness is much more important.

Posted By : Muskan Sharma

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Posted By: Navjyot | Mon, 20 Dec 10 – 09:12:36 AM | Reply

hi i have read the story , same it was happened to me and still going on , i did engineering in E.c.e , but haven't got job and decided to switch my field from engineering to management , i hope i did this so there would be some new good opportunity waiting for me .....

Posted By: kuldeep singh | Mon, 20 Dec 10 – 04:05:36 PM | Reply

hieee....story wz nice bt datz means v stop serching job on net n all kind off job medum...n watng 4 bst call i thnk datzzz nt cullll..:P

Posted By: Naval | Wed, 22 Dec 10 – 10:04:41 AM | Reply

Hii. frnd ur story seems to be similar to mine. I have done my graduation and on the verge of completion of my post graduation. The thing is that now I think that higher qualification in India ia not worth becoz he is placed at the same level as that of his juniors.

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