Interview of Prof Ravi Sinha, Placement Head, IIT Mumbai

Date: 18-Jul-2011


Rangrut : What’s your experience in the 3rd Annual TPO Conference ?

Prof Ravi Sinha: Experience is very positive because this is a very good collection of the people from the academia circle and from the industry and the kind of discussion which have there and the kind of question which have been raise. The importance of the continuous interaction between the industry and the academia has come up very well and I am so happy with that.

Rangrut : I suppose recruitment is any ways a challenge for in every industry and institute also. Do you feel that  this kind of online recruitment process will help both the parties?

Prof Ravi Sinha: Yes absolutely, see first of all one of the reason why there so much problem is a miss match of  expectation between the industry and the academia. So any kind of online process, which  is number one very transparent and secondly provide the specific and targeted information, and this will be a huge value addition. So I am really happy with this.

Rangrut : Do you  feel that Rangrut will really give an added advantage to solve this issue?

Prof Ravi Sinha: Yes, they have a potential and they just have to grab it and keep moving in that direction.

Rangrut : What’s your advice to first job seeker and student?

Prof Ravi Sinha: Two very important advice are:

Lots of people feel that a first job is going to set there trend for the rest of there life. Nothing can be more wrong than that. First job is only the first job. So doesn’t matter what they get out of that. So that is the first advice.

The second advice is  What they know is only a part of what will get them a job, it is also there personality, it is also there ability to speak, it also the integrity. They need to make sure that they have as much importance given to these as to their knowledge.

Rangrut : Do you feel that a kind of training will be very beneficial to the student before they go for any job. 

Prof Ravi Sinha: Yes, Training may be formal, it may be informal, it may be even self learning through online models, But defiantly it has to be different from regular classroom training.

Watch the Video to listen to the views of Prof Ravi Sinha on -The collaboration between Industry And Academia

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Posted By: Sowmiya | Tue, 19 Jul 11 – 12:39:38 PM | Reply

I need the can i get it?

Reply By: Bharath kumar | Wed, 20 Jul 11 – 12:03:01 PM

Hi just right click on the video and copy the video URL then you paste it in a you tube downloader and you can download it!

Posted By: maya bharti | Wed, 20 Jul 11 – 09:05:35 AM | Reply

i m very glad to seeing ur message.ur suggestion is very helpful for fresher

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i need jod i have fineshed to BE

Posted By: pavnesh | Thu, 01 Mar 12 – 12:37:35 PM | Reply

Thank u sir. it was nice approach for fresher.

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