Required soft skills in a fresher or Job seeker

Date: 02-Apr-2011


Soft skills play a vital role for an individual to have a professional success. They help one to excel in the workplace. In this highly competitive corporate world, fresher can stand by the trend only with their skills and talent. Job seekers with soft skills are more likely to be selected in an interview.

The most common soft skills required are

1. Good work ethic.

2. Positive attitude.

3. Interest to learn and be trained.

Other soft skills required for a job seeker are

1. Basic knowledge in Math.

2. Follow safety measures.

3. To work with courtesy.

4. Always have honesty in work place.

5. Good Spoken English and grammar.

6. To be a person of reliability.

7. To be a person of flexibility for easy approach at any time.

8. To cultivate team skills.

9. A person with eye contact.

10. A person with better understanding and cooperation.

11. To be a person who can adapt to the terms and conditions of the work place.

12. A person who can follow rules.

13. A person who is self-directed.

14. A person with good writing skills.

15. To hold a driver's license.

16. A person who is capable of self-supervising.

17. A person with good references.

18. A person who is drug free.

19. To maintain a good attendance.

20. A person with high personal energy.

21. A person with enough work experience.

22. A person who can evaluate his performance and has the ability to measure his work.

23. A person with personal integrity.

24. A person with good conduct and good work history.

25. To be a person with self motivational skills.

26. A person who values education.

27. Common sense.

28. Critical thinking skills.

29. A person with basic manufacturing skills training.

30. To be aware about the business works.

31. A person who is ready to stay on the job until it is finished.

32. A person who is ready to work in second and third shifts.

33. A person who cares for the company welfare and growth.

34. A person who is ready to take instruction and responsibility.

35. Communication skills with public, fellow employees, supervisors, and customers.

Courtsey: Basic Interview Tips

Posted By : Aradhana Masih

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Posted By: Farooque | Sun, 03 Apr 11 04:37:14 PM | Reply

good job. Keep it up

Posted By: Mohammed | Sun, 03 Apr 11 07:24:03 PM | Reply

Madam giving free advice is vary simple it should like this and like that lab lab lab.............

I didn't found any of the above quality in any one .....

May be one in a billion ..........

Reply By: Anchit | Mon, 04 Apr 11 02:26:54 PM

Hi Mohammad,

There is nothing bad in taking free advice. May be you can become the one in a billion by reading this and adopting at least 60 percent of the above.

I found it really useful.......

Reply By: sarang | Tue, 05 Apr 11 07:07:14 PM

aradhana mam,,thanx a lot for tips,,,they are greatly helpful

Posted By: manozkuntal | Mon, 04 Apr 11 02:58:33 PM | Reply

if a candidate have 10% of these qualities he/she can get a job easily.

Posted By: Anny | Wed, 06 Apr 11 02:18:54 PM | Reply

Its really worth it for freshers who are hardly searching for a job. Thanks Ms Aradhana.

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